About me

Dina Ayoub, Artist at Dee's Fine Art

I am an Egyptian American Artist, Writer, and Tech Entrepreneur who lives in Redmond, Washington.  With a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Dina spent over 10 years in the tech industry before she decided to pursue my passion for the arts and creativity full time. I wrote a fantasy novel that is in the process of being published, created an injection tracking app to help individuals with diabetes, MS, RA... etc, and I'm now working as an artist full time; selling my art online and in person at art shows and festivals.  

Word from the artist

To me, what makes "Art" is all about feeling. Art makes me feel calm, inspired, and happy, whether I'm viewing it or making it. Painting and making jewelry have been hobbies of mine for years, but after leaving my role as a Product Manager in the bustle of the tech world, I've come to realize what it is that I enjoy the most across the board: Creating - be that creating art, working on my fantasy novels, or software to help people. That's the beauty of having such a diverse set of skills, I get to create in so many different ways, and that is what I find most fulfilling.

I have always loved painting, and oil paint is my medium of choice. It offers so much flexibility, and the ability to blend beautiful color right there on the canvas, expressing my mood in the strokes and colors. As I began to rediscover my love for painting, I also found its healing abilities (putting aside the fact that most paints are actually toxic, that is!) Painting allows me to let go of the world and any worries clouding my mind. It gave me a sense of accomplishment every time I finished a piece or discovered a new technique. I could lose myself in it, the way I would in a good book. It soothes whatever ails me.

Due to health reasons, I sometimes can't paint as much as I would like. But when I can paint, I throw myself into it with gusto. I am so grateful that I've recently built my own studio at home. I now have a comfortable chair, an organized unorganized set up, and plenty of storage space for all my supplies and paintings.

I sometimes wonder whether it was worth it to give up a coveted role in a tech industry giant, but the next moment arrives with a new chance to create something wonderful, and I feel grateful for the opportunity I have to express myself. I plan to make the best of it and spend all my time creating things that make other people feel the way art makes me feel.

I love my customers, and welcome your feedback and suggestions, so feel free to contact me.

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